How Much Is A Trillion Dollars? – U.S. Debt Levels Exceed Comprehension

How Much Is A Trillion Dollars? - U.S. Debt Levels Exceed Comprehension

With little press coverage and no debate by Congress, the U.S. debt level is set to automatically increase by another $1.2 trillion in January. The most remarkable aspect to the latest huge increase in U.S. debt is […]

Logical Minds Reject “Solution” Of More Debt

Logical minds are questioning the wisdom of US stimulus (deficit) spending.   We have already seen the end results of excessive borrowing and spending by the State of California – see California Defaults. Global Worries Over U.S. Stimulus […]

Inflation – The Real Long Term Threat To Financial Survival

Concerned with the preservation of wealth and purchasing power? The US Government Will Not Choose Deflation by Rich Toscano and John Simon Conclusion We in the United States have been dumping our dollars into the world for […]

FOREX Traders Call Bernanke’s Hand

FOREX Traders Call Bernanke's Hand

Currency traders have voted on the Fed’s latest policy decisions and this is the result – a collapsing dollar. Courtesy of The magnitude of the latest rate cut apparently surprised foreign dollar holders who can only […]

Is Burying Your Cash The Answer?

Fear and loss of confidence in our economic future due to over leverage can be seen in many areas.  There have been many stories lately about individuals attempting to secure their future by burying cash in their […]