Census Bureau Report Portrays Destruction Of The American Dream

Census Bureau Report Portrays Destruction Of The American Dream

It Already Is A Depression For Many The latest report from the Census Bureau on income, poverty and health insurance coverage portrays a darkening economic picture for millions of Americans.  Incomes and living standards fell without regard […]

Extended Unemployment Benefits Make Little Sense

Extended Unemployment Benefits Make Little Sense

Do Extended Benefits Reduce Job Seeker’s Motivation? Excluding the depression of the 1930’s we are fast approaching a new official high in unemployment.  During the depths of the last worst recession of 1981, unemployment exceeded 10% vs […]

The Contradiction Of Empty Homes And Rising Apartment Vacancies

A Housing Surplus Huge increases in foreclosures have resulted in millions of homes sitting vacant as bank REO managers struggle to sell the empty homes.  Theoretically, people who have been evicted or lost their homes to foreclosures […]

Obama – 40 more years!

Obama - 40 more years!

For all of those worried about tax increases, slow economic growth and rapidly expanding deficits, I have one word – relax.  Consider the following comments made by the President today. Obama Says Robust Growth Will Prevent Tax […]

Tracking the Economy Through Coin Production

Tracking the Economy Through Coin Production

One of the consequences of a recession is a decline in demand for newly minted coins. Economic activity declines and there is less demand for coins in commerce. Individuals also put long hoarded change back into circulation. […]

Fiscal Discipline – Endorsed By All, Practiced By None

Has anyone noticed the correlation  of “fiscal discipline” chatter to rising interest rates?  Efforts by the Fed to manipulate rates lower through the outright purchases of treasuries and mortgage securities seem to be failing as the long […]

Hyperinflation Worries – The Next Black Swan Or A Contrary Indicator?

Inflation Concerns Increase There has been much speculation lately about the end results of the US Government’s massive deficit spending.   Many analysts are predicting that the end result will be hyperinflation as the Fed is forced to […]

California’s Crash Omen of Nation’s Future

Borrow and Spend = Crash and Burn California has always been the trend setter for the nation but never more so than today as it totters on the edge of insolvency.  The theory that States or Nations […]

Economies Plummet – Markets Yawn

Economies Plummet - Markets Yawn

What Are The Markets Telling Us? The reality disconnect between the markets and the economic news has become extreme.  Consider the following headline: World Economies Plummet- WSJ Steep declines in the economies of three of the U.S.’s […]