Geithner Lectures Europe On Fiscal Discipline – This Is Like BP Giving A Seminar On Oil Well Safety

With Europe Facing Meltdown Geithner Offers Advice After recently “saving” the US from economic Armageddon, Treasury Secretary Geithner must feel uniquely qualified to  advise European governments on their looming sovereign debt crisis.   Geithner’s solution to Europe’s out […]

Does Tim Geithner Need A Stress Test?

Geithner Goes Over The Edge Is the stress of running running the Treasury and trying to figure out how to borrow almost $2 trillion dollars starting to take a toll on the Treasury Secretary? On Friday, Treasury […]

Geithner’s Pump And Dump Scheme

Geithner's Pump And Dump Scheme

Pump and Dump According to the SEC website, a pump and dump scheme is one of the most common investment frauds and works as follows: First, there’s the glowing press release about a company, usually on its […]

Geithner – “I am not a crook”

Geithner -

“Chinese assets are very safe” This remarkable assertion regarding the safety of US debt securities held by China was made by Timothy Geithner, US Treasury Secretary, during his visit to China.   That Mr. Geithner felt compelled to […]

Mr Greenspan, “There You Go Again”

Mr Greenspan,

Greenspan Insists He Was And Is The Maestro Alan Greenspan, probably more responsible for the financial bust than anyone else on planet earth, attempts to influence the history books by again (unsuccessfully) defending his record. WASHINGTON — […]

Markets Plunging On Geithner’s Remarks

Markets Plunging On Geithner's Remarks

Geithner Does It Again The Treasury Secretary said Sunday that some banks will need large amounts of financial aid.  Geithner’s comments seemed to imply that his recently announced rescue plan for the banking industry is only a […]

Are Geithner’s Days Numbered? Banks And Investors Have Zero Confidence

First Impressions Hard To Reverse The old saying in the recruiting business is that one is judged in the first 15 seconds of a job interview.  Irregardless of what happens for the rest of the interview, that […]