Greenspan Revisionist Babble

Greenspan Revisionist Babble

Debt Is The Greenspan Legacy Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve Chairman, today expressed his concern about the level of the US national debt. Sept. 16 (Bloomberg) — Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said he’s worried that […]

The Cost Of Easy Money – $14 Trillion and Counting

The Cost Of Easy Money - $14 Trillion and Counting

Supervisory Insights – Where The Money Went The FDIC released their Supervisory Insights report today which contains a detailed breakdown of the almost $14 trillion dollars committed by the Government to support the financial system over the […]

Mr Greenspan, “There You Go Again”

Mr Greenspan,

Greenspan Insists He Was And Is The Maestro Alan Greenspan, probably more responsible for the financial bust than anyone else on planet earth, attempts to influence the history books by again (unsuccessfully) defending his record. WASHINGTON — […]

Greenspan Makes A Fool Of Himself – Again

It Wasn’t My Fault Alan Greenspan insists on setting the record straight, proclaiming that his ultra easy monetary policies had nothing to do with causing the world financial crisis.  This was about as convincing as his past […]