Sovereign Default

Mr Obama, Please Don’t Read This

Mr Obama, Please Don't Read This

US Companies Build Massive Cash Reserves Based on Economic Worries Wall Street Journal – U.S. companies are holding more cash in the bank than at any point on record, underscoring persistent worries about financial markets and about […]

California’s Crash Omen of Nation’s Future

Borrow and Spend = Crash and Burn California has always been the trend setter for the nation but never more so than today as it totters on the edge of insolvency.  The theory that States or Nations […]

America’s Triple A Credit Rating – At The Precipice?

Black Swan Events Becoming Routine Our Nation has avoided the decline into the abyss that many have been predicting during the economic crisis.  At the cost of approximately $13 trillion in government bailouts and guarantees the system […]

Chinese Likely To Halt Purchases Of US Treasury Debt

Nervous Times In China The Chinese are learning the hard way about an old American banking story. The man who owes the bank $50,000 dollars on a secured loan may lay awake at night worrying about how […]

Notable Links

Notable Links

Straight Talking Common Sense Obama Must Destroy Detroit, So America Can Live – Evan Newmark Dear President Obama, Who said life was fair? You’re in office less than a month and the markets already hate your presidency, […]

Government Bond Buyers Demand Higher Yields

Government Bond Buyers Demand Higher Yields

Massive Government Borrowing Raises Repayment Doubts As governments worldwide attempt to sell massive amounts of debt, investors are beginning to question whether they are being properly compensated for default risk.  The assumption that government debt is risk […]