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Obama Jobs Plan Bad Joke For Both Employed and Unemployed

Obama Jobs Plan Bad Joke For Both Employed and Unemployed

The long awaited and hugely hyped Obama “Jobs Solution Speech”, hastily crafted between rounds of golf on the Vineyard, is unlikely to help either the employed or  unemployed. Obama’s calls his new proposals the “American Jobs Act” […]

Latest Government Scheme For Growth – The Invisible Tax Cut

Pulling forward future demand to stimulate economic growth didn’t work with the cash for clunkers program or housing tax credits.   Car and home sales collapsed after consumers who were going to buy cars or houses anyways bought today instead […]

Census Bureau Report Portrays Destruction Of The American Dream

Census Bureau Report Portrays Destruction Of The American Dream

It Already Is A Depression For Many The latest report from the Census Bureau on income, poverty and health insurance coverage portrays a darkening economic picture for millions of Americans.  Incomes and living standards fell without regard […]

Super Clunkers – How Congress Can Double US Vehicle Sales

Clash for Clunkers Increases Car Sales The much maligned Cash For Clunkers program has three remarkable features that differentiate it from the other wide assortment of endless government stimulus/bailout programs. 1. The Cash For Clunkers program, at […]

Does Tim Geithner Need A Stress Test?

Geithner Goes Over The Edge Is the stress of running running the Treasury and trying to figure out how to borrow almost $2 trillion dollars starting to take a toll on the Treasury Secretary? On Friday, Treasury […]

New Twist On Stimulating Economies – Work Less

New Twist On Stimulating Economies - Work Less

Desperation Produces Silly Suggestion Governments worldwide are obsessed with pushing consumers to spend more.  From Japan we now have a new twist on how to stimulate spending.   Government bureaucrats (with obviously too much time on their […]

Obama Approves 8,500 Earmarks While Vowing To Fight Them – What?

Obama Says: Hear What I Say, Don’t Watch What I Do After campaigning on promises to reform Washington, it was easy to be confused by the Washington Post article – Obama Signs Spending Bill, Vowing To Battle […]

Economists Give Obama Grade Rating of F – An Ugly Ending

The First Test Results Are In Obama, Geithner Get Low Grades From Economists U.S. President Barack Obama and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner received failing grades for their efforts to revive the economy from participants in the latest […]

Major Lenders Publish FHA Loan Limit Increases

CitiMortgage, along with other major lenders published their FHA loan limit increases.  The higher temporary FHA loan limits were authorized as part of the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008.  CitiMortgage will begin accepting FHA loan registrations as […]