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Geithner’s Pump And Dump Scheme

Geithner's Pump And Dump Scheme

Pump and Dump According to the SEC website, a pump and dump scheme is one of the most common investment frauds and works as follows: First, there’s the glowing press release about a company, usually on its […]

Wells Fargo’s New Zero Down Payment Mortgage Program

Wells Fargo's New Zero Down Payment Mortgage Program

Risk Of No Down Payment Mortgages There is  longstanding and overwhelming statistical proof that zero down payment home buyers default on mortgages at a far higher rate compared to home buyers who make a down payment.   This […]

Banks Move Quickly From Bust To Boom

Banks Move Quickly From Bust To Boom

Things Change Quickly Only a couple of months ago, the consensus view predicted a collapsing  banking industry that would need to be nationalized.  Banks were viewed as black holes with little chance of becoming profitable.  Fortune Magazine […]

Banks Push Back On Bailout – Wells Fargo Calls Stress Test “Asinine”

Wells Fargo Discovers High Cost Of Government Help Wells Fargo Chief Calls Stress Test Asinine March 16 (Bloomberg) — Wells Fargo & Co. Chairman Richard Kovacevich criticized the U.S. for retroactively adding curbs to the Troubled Asset […]