Optimists On Housing Recovery May Have To Wait Another Decade – Humpty Dumpty Vs The Fed

Optimists On Housing Recovery May Have To Wait Another Decade - Humpty Dumpty Vs The Fed

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Housing prices were never supposed to decline year over year. Economic depressions were supposed to be a relic of the past. If the economy weakened, the Fed would fix everything […]

Japan’ Solution To Debt Crisis – Expand Zombie Banking

Japan’s Zombie Banking Taken To New Levels Of Lunacy Japan’s real estate and stock market bubbles burst in the early 1990’s.   Since then, twenty years of non stop Government stimulus programs have failed and left Japan […]

The Futility Of Lower Interest Rates, Obama Motors, “Atlas Shrugged” Sales Surge & Confidence Mounts

As stock markets surge, GM’s future is suddenly bright and consumer confidence soars, here are some recent blog posts worth the read with some alternative insights. Why lower interest rates are not effective monetary policy If too […]

New Twist On Stimulating Economies – Work Less

New Twist On Stimulating Economies - Work Less

Desperation Produces Silly Suggestion Governments worldwide are obsessed with pushing consumers to spend more.  From Japan we now have a new twist on how to stimulate spending.   Government bureaucrats (with obviously too much time on their […]

Nikkei Continues Rallying As Japan’s Exports Plunge 49%

Nikkei Continues Rallying As Japan's Exports Plunge 49%

Bad News Discounted? One of the hardest concepts for investors to grasp is the ability of markets to discount bad news.  As the news mounts daily about the Japanese economic collapse, the Nikkei 225 continues to rise.   […]

Can The Economic News From Japan Possibly Get Worse?

Japan’s Exports Plunge By 45% In January Six months ago, no one in his right mind would have predicted a 45% decline in Japan’s exports.  The drop in exports has no comparable statistics, as Bloomberg reports. Feb. […]

Economic Reality Crushing The American Dream

Reality Becoming Impossible To Ignore There still appears to be a serene sense of calm by the American public.  They hope that the government will be able to solve our economic crisis in short order and restore […]

Nikkei – Black Hole Or Buying Opportunity?

Nikkei - Black Hole Or Buying Opportunity?

Has Japan Been Pulled Into A Black Hole? According to Einstein’s theory of general relativity, a black hole is a region of space in which the gravitational field is so powerful that nothing, including electromagnetic radiation can […]