Newspapers Reveal Secrets To Wealth Accumulation

Newspapers Reveal Secrets To Wealth Accumulation

Today’s horrendous economic news on Singapore would seem to suggest that now is a poor time to be considering the purchase of foreign stocks. Singapore GDP Posts Biggest Fall On Record SINGAPORE — Singapore plunged deeper into […]

Similar Chart? Similar Ending?

Similar Chart? Similar Ending?

Every bubble in history required easy credit, for without that credit buyers could not buy.  As prices rise, more buyers enter, fueled on by easy credit and increasing prices – a positive feedback loop. What happens when […]

The Good News About Retail Sales

If you only read the headlines, you are probably under the impression that the economy is totally collapsing. The economy is weak and many are paying the price for being over leveraged, but when you see  hysterical […]

Breathless Hysteria Overdone?

Breathless Hysteria Overdone?

The stock market has suffered one of the worst declines in history as we all know. At this point, however, the breathless hysteria over how much worse things will get has become overdone.  Markets discount bad news […]

Where Have All The Stock Buybacks Gone?

Given the magnitude of the stock markets decline, one would think that there would be major announcements from companies announcing stock buybacks.  I recall after the crash of 1987 when numerous companies announced major stock buyback programs […]

Loan Modification – Someone Forgot To Ask The Investors

Purchasers of mortgage debt, formerly known as investors but now known as bag holders were distressed that Bank of America (BAC) did not consult with them prior to deciding to modify customer mortgages, as reported by the […]

American Express – A Single Digit Stock?

Despite the horrendous 72% sell off in American Express this year, I would still not be a buyer at the recent price of $19 for the following reasons. From my personal experience in the mortgage business, I […]

World Economies Burn, Politicians Debate

As the world economies implode the presidential candidates debate who is the angrier man; doesn’t seem to be inspiring very much confidence in the marketplace. Smaller countries world wide are collapsing – Bulgaria, Estonia, Romania, Turkey – […]

Buy on the bad news?

It was difficult to tell today if the late Monday afternoon rally that brought the Dow back almost 400 points off the lows of the day was due to program trades or real buyers “buying on the […]